about 333 live

333 Live is LA’s Largest Megaclub/Concert Venue/Lounge/Restaurant.

333 Live hosts exclusive private events on a large scale.As a private venue, 333 works with various production companies and promoters from all over the world. If you’re a member of a private event, and it’s held at 333, be prepared for a unique and memorable experience.

The premier diamond megaclub one block off the 3rd street exit on the 110N; 15 minute drive from the west side. The club’s unique layout and large amount of space allows for incredible concert, club and event experiences. Superior sound and lighting, smoke machines, confetti blasters, laser lights, 4 Dancing cages, you name it they do it. Do not miss an opportunity to have an amazing time here.

Presently, 333 Live only accepts bookings for private events.  A “Temporary Special Event” can be obtained from LA City by renter if a public event is chosen.



333Live description of features